Friday, February 03, 2006

Curious George

My Georgie. I loved him very, very much. When Sugar died we grieved for her even though she had only been in our life for a very short time. While at the nameless pet store we (my husband & I) decided to play with the kits. This is a bad idea; it's how ferret math works. So I see this unusual ferret, his markings were unique; he had a small body, & a big head. Really he was all head, lol. Anyway, I felt a pull something that just called to me. I debated leaving him there. At the time one of the employees was a ferret owner (she had 13 ferrets!) and I was talking to her & she commented how he was unique to her too. I couldn't walk away from him so as an anniversary present my husband bought him for me. Georgie and I were like nails & dirt or as we say in Spanish una y carne (nail & skin). He was so SPOILED, when I brought him home to meet the rest of the family (at this point it was Bandit, Princess, & Bear) he was non-challant. He was a character. George knew he was the king in my heart so I think he took advantage of that because when he would eat ( Sheppard & Greene) mixed with Iams Kitten Food) he would not let any of the other ferrets came near him or he would cry. I know, CRY. If you've never heard it, it sounds much like a parrot squawking. I would come running to the cage to see what was happening, scold the other ferrets because they wouldn't let my Georgie eat, pull him & the bowl of food out so he could enjoy his food. Now this happened primarily when I was not in the room, so I really did not know what was going on, I just assumed the other ferrets were picking on him because he was little. I decided then to buy him his own bowl and I did. I put his bowl next to the other bowl. That was a mistake. I finally figured out what was happening, he did not want any of the ferrets to come near the food when he was eating so he was crying @ them! I found him with his bottom in his bowl & his front paws and face in the other bowl! What a booger!! This made me love him even more, no one in my family was allowed to touch my Georgie, we watched TV together, slept together, played together, and it was awesome! When we weren't together he was into so much mischief! Once he wanted to clear the gate (clear Plexiglas) so he jumped on the couch to try to jump on the oscillating fan, to jump over the gate, well needless to say his plan failed and was hanging on by a nail! When he jumped onto the oscillating fan he slid & I assume he was trying to grip so where the fan comes together in the middle the gap is close, his nail was wedged there. He yelped so loud, my husband and I got up in a flash, ran down the stairs & found him in that state! Geez, I never had been so scared! IT WAS FIVE IN THE MORNING! And I had a really rude awakening so I think that added to my fear. Of course this wasn't the end of Georgie's mischief. At the time I had a 2-tier cage that the ferrets lived in and there was a potty on each tier. We (by we I mean my 2 daughters and I) would take turns cleaning out the litter boxes (by the way I use Yesterday’s News Cat litter) and it was my eldest daughter's turn, and while she was cleaning the top tier litter box, she figured "Oh, they won't try to escape out of the cage while I'm standing here" so she left the cage open turned around and who comes flying out? You guessed, Georgie. Only in his haste he wasn't careful and got himself stuck. Let me see if I can try to help you with a visual (guys you may want to skip ahead), the cage is mostly coated wire, the little "door" has sharp ends, Georgie's opening got caught on the sharp end & dangled by his opening from the second tier. Ouch!! Poor thing yelped again. I took him to the vet right away but because boy ferret openings are so small there was nothing the vet could do except tell me to watch him closely so he can still use it for normal day-to-day functions. Needless to say he ended up with a slit on his little opening and recovered as well as any male ferret could. Oh he's a Curious George and that is why he was name George! By the way, on a side note, in loving memory of my Curious George I am going to see the Curious George movie coming out. OMGosh! It's very late & I have to work, so I leave on this note, Love your companions often because you never know when they will say good bye and my Georgie's goodbye will be a sorry for another time.

Good nite!

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