Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sugar & Spice

Well, I took Princess home but I was still new to the ferreting world and I did not know exactly how to handle her biting issues. My husband didn't want to wait around to see if I would ever figure it out so he suggested since I was going to go to the GCFA (see link) to adopt a ferret why not leave Princess there were a more experienced ferret owner could take her (how naive). The day soon approached and Princess had bitten me, not over my clothes but only where she felt SOFT SKIN, so many times! We all had! But still, I fell in love with her in a matter of 2 days. On the day of going to the GCFA, I told my husband I did not like the idea of dropping her off @ the shelter, the idea of the shelter is to place them in GOOD homes, not pick one up and leave one. How could we just leave her there and not even give her the chance to prove she could be shown love and stop biting. Well, we got to the shelter and I told the person in charge we were going to keep princess after all but I still wanted to adopt a ferret. He showed us "Queenie." She was a cute ferret but not what I was looking for. She was older and was an Albino ferret. Well, she played well with our two ferrets and I decided what the hay, I'll take her. My youngest daughter fell in love with her right away. When we took her home we renamed her (I did not like the name Queenie). We were going to rename princess as well but decided against it. Originally it would have been Bandit, Sugar & Spice. Anyway, as I mentioned before, I was still very green when it came to owning ferrets & did not know the quarantine rule. ICK! Never again will I ever forget the quarantine rule. Apparently the shelter forgot to tell me that a VERY contagious illness had been going around & Sugar may have possibly contracted it. It was the green slime disease. All my ferrets got it and unfortunately Sugar never recovered from it.
The only way to treat the greenies is by feeding the ferret Pedialyte (for loss of electrolytes) and a duck soup. And contrary to what "experts" say about how to feed the ferret these things I do not suggest using a syringe. This method can actually cause the ferret harm due to the fact that if the ferret swallows down the wrong pipe it can aspirate. (Just a tidbit of advice)

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