Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Bear, Bear, Bear. What can I say about Bear? Where do I start! Well Bear we got to be a companion to Sugar. See, when we got Princess she and Bandit were buds so we figured that if we got someone for Sugar maybe she would feel she needed a reason to fight the greenies. So, I just listened & looked were I could for that companion. One day we went to the Pet Store (which will remain nameless because I do not want to advertise for them seeing that they are a horrific store) to buy some supplies when we noticed the ferrets! BABY ferrets! Oh my goodness, they are the cutest little things I have ever seen! So there were quite a few kits we picked them up, played with them, let them nip @ our fingers, and let them climb all over us. My husband, who was against the whole idea in the first place, saw this cute dark ferret. He says, "He looks like a little bear!" "If I had him, I would name him Little Bear because he looks like a bear & he is the smallest of the bunch!" If you could have seen the look on his face when he saw bear, his eyes were all water & the look on his face was so soft & sensitive. I sincerely thought that if we walked away from that store with out that kit he would feel really bad & even shed a tear, so I bought him.

When we took him home, Princess forgot all about Bandit and started dooking & following "Little Bear" everywhere he went. Oh my! I would guess that her maternal instincts kicked in or something because she definitely followed him like she needed to protect him. Sugar was not affected either way by his presence. It was really sad to see her deteriorate but "Little Bear" flourished so much so we don't call him "Little Bear" anymore, he's just Bear.

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