Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ferret Frenzi

I loved my ferritos soooo much. They are all gone now. I will try to take some time to write the stories of the rest of them and find whatever pictures I have left and post them... It was so hard with my last ferret that I cant bear the heartbreak of another one gone so quickly (especially the ones that get rescued). Mittens was the last sweetie to leave us and though she wanted to stick around some more her body just couldnt keep up with her youthful soul.

RIP all my babies, I loved you all (named in the order they came into our lives: Bandit, Princess, Sugar, Bear, Georgie, Mittens, Panchito, Roxy, Ginger, Cookie, Benjamin, Brownie & Scrappy). I will keep the great memories close to my heart.