Saturday, August 28, 2004

This is one of my babies. He is now only 6 months old.

Ferret Frenzi

The picture I posted is of my very first ferret. His name is Bandit. My husband gave him that name. We adopted him from someone who thought it cool to have one but didn't want to do the work that came along with owning one. It took me three months and lots of research to convince my husband to let us have him. Three times he said "Yes." and twice he said "No." On the third yes I did not hesitate, I immediately went over and picked him up.

We now have SEVEN ferrets in our home and four that have passed. Of all the ferrets we have six have been "adopted" (more like rescued) and the other five have been purchased (can't say no to the cute little faces they make; especially when they are babies).

My husband and I love these little critters as if they were our children. One ferret we had, Roxy (aka Baby), used to climb in our bed and sleep in between us. It was really cute. She had a stroke a few months after we "adopted" her and went into a seizure. We took her to the "emergency" vet clinic and had to have her put to sleep.

The ferrets we have had come through our home or are still in our home are (in order that they came):

Bandit (the one to start the Ferret Frenzi in our home)
Princess (sad story about her)
Sugar (got her from a shelter)
Bear (aka Burrito, Houdini or Evil Canevil)
Georgie (he was deaf)
Panchito (aka Shadow)
Mittens (aka Muñeca and real naughty)
Roxy (aka baby)
Ginger (my daughter's ferret)
Benjamin (I constantly call him Georgie cuz he reminds me of him)
Cookie (She is soooooo cute!)

I have to go bake a cake for my husband's birthday... so I'll blog you later!

My name is Bandit.



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