Monday, June 16, 2008


Mittens got her name because she has 4 white paws. Really they look like socks but since she was a female we thought it more appropriate to name her Mittens (I ALWAYS nick name my ferrets so I call her Muneca (doll in spanish) & Mickeys which is a combo of the two names). Mittens was too adorable and of course seeing her as a kit they are so very irresistible! Careful when playing with kits they will capture your attention and make you want to take them home, immediately!

We were not looking for another ferret. We still had Bandit, Princess, Bear, & Georgie but she was too cute so we took her home. When we took her home Georgie reacted to her much like princess reacted to Bear. It was too funny. When we would let the ferrets out Georgie would grab Mittens by her scruff and drag her away. I would scold Georgie, put him in his cage for a time out and then let him out a little while longer. He knew what he was doing was naughty because he would watch me and as soon as I wasn't paying attention he would snatch her up and drag her away. Sometimes I would catch him in the act of dragging her away and he would see me in time to RUN off with her out of my reach! He was such a little booger and I adored him for it! (SUCKER!)

Mittens and Georgie were really good friends, he eventually stopped dragging her around. Mittens is (of these original ferrets) the only one left alive. We brought her home the summer of 2001. She is now 7 and fit as a fiddle, spry as the day we brought her home. She is afraid of heights tho but then she was always afraid of heights. She climbs up then starts shaking and looking around for someone to rescue her from her predicament.

We have a new generation of ferrets but she doesn't get along with them so she is in a cage by herself now. This is very difficult to evenly distribute the attention they all neeed but we manage.

Well, that's it for now about Mittens.

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