Monday, June 16, 2008


Panchito was adopted in 2003 and he was with us for a few years before he passed. Panchito was acutally Princesses brother (they originated from the same home). When Princess was given away the family kept Panchito but when thier circumstances changed they could no longer give him the same attention they asked me if I would "babysit" him. They never came back for him but that's okay because we loved our little shadow.

When we took him in I was really sad at the state of him. He was treated more like a dog than a ferret. He had a harness that was double wrapped around his neck so tight that it cut his skin. He had open wound under face. I was so upset. How is it that we can not think that this is wrong. Can we honestly claim ignorance? This is another case where I really bit my toungue about the state he was in because I knew the family and did not want to cause any friction. I was glad when they never claimed him back.

Panchito was a dark ferret and everywhere you went Panchito was sure to go. We nick named him shadow for that reason. It was really cute when he wanted attention he would come up to your leg, put a paw on you, and look up at you with these eyes ... and if that didn't work to get your attention he would then lick your leg (if it wasn't bare he would find or make a bare spot to lick). I could not resist his wiles! Sometimes his licks turned into lick, lick, chomps. This was when he was feeling very persistant. He loved to eat french fries and steal Bandit's stash of raisins. Why save for later what you can eat now. He was the biggest fan of Golden Raisins.

Panchito passed away an old fert altho he was not without a few complications. He passed away at home in 2006.

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